Game Review: Redline Rumble 3

Redline Rumble 3 belongs to 3d online racing/chase game genre. As usual for 3d games, game download will take quite some time. Also, Adobe Shockwave player is necessary to play this game & it will take around 5 mins in slow to moderate internet connection. Graphics quality is ok as compared to most other online games. But on the positive side, the game play is quite interesting & features 5 different ride to choose from- Super Bike/Mini Van/repair truck/police helicopter/cop car.

Game storyline involve five5 different levels each with a different ride.

In level 1, you will be a criminal courier & have to ride a bike. You have to grab the mafia merchandise by touching the cases hanging from Mafia car window. For each pickup you will gain points. Moreover you can earn extra Nitro & time. You can also fix your bike by riding up to a repair truck. Jumping over the divider is my favorite part, but its also somewhat difficult.

In level 2, you have to drive the minivan & collect the dropped gold bars. You can drive in two wheels to earn extra stunt bonus.

Level 3- Here you can pilot a helicopter, but remember to keep low otherwise you can crash to high structures. You have to touchdown on mafia cars to steal their loot as trial evidence.

In level 4, you can drive a cop car & have to chase the mafia car. Objective is to ram the mafia car & bring it to a halt. Also, remember to drive safely & avoid innocent civilian casualties.

Level 5- Here you get to drive the repair truck. You have to use the hydraulic lift of the truck to smash the chasing cop cars while letting your buddies go. Favorite part- you can scoop the cop cars towards the police helicopter to bring it down.

Click here to play Redline Rumble 3.

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