Game Review: Rumble Town Racing 2

Rumble Town Racing 2 is an excellent online 3D Car racing game. It reminds me of Need for Speed Underground 2 with lots of neon blazing cars, swanky street lighting and charismatic city landscape. The game graphics is very good compared to other 3d games available online. Game sound is awesome as there is both game music & engine sound. You can turn off the game music for only the engine sound. But the downside of this game is that you have to install shockwave player in case your browser do not already have one. After that there will be a in game advertisement for about 30 seconds. And the game loading itself will take quite some time in slow connection.

Now lets talk a little about the game play. Rumble Town Racing 2 is modeled more or less after NFS underground 2 as it looks, feel & play the same. You have lots of cars to choose from. However, you will need money to unlock new cars. You need to win races to earn money & with this money you can buy new car or modify existing ones. There are many shops within the game such as paint shop (for body paint/plating/stickers), tuning ( for spoiler/bumpers/scoop),performance(dampers/tires/turbo engine nitro) & accessories(flames/neon/colored rims). The only difference that I can make out as compared to NFS UG2 is that this game features cop chase. And this adds a very interesting aspect to the game. Be ready for a lot of cop car & helicopter chases! Last but not the least, you can sign in (even using face book account) to see your high scores, your friends’ scores, your token earnings and to challenge a friend.

Click here to play Rumble Town Racing 2.

Parent website-

Rumble Town Racing 2

Rumble Town Racing 2


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