Game Review: Super Drift 3D

Super Drift 3d as the name suggest is a 3d car racing game. This game reminds me of NFS 2 Special edition. The game graphics & surroundings are almost similar to NFS2SE. Car controls are quite difficult and the game is not only about race but also about drift.

Game download will take quite some time in slow connection but I guess its because of the large file size of 3d games. You can play in 3 different levels-1)beginner (2)Intermediate & (3)Expert. The most interesting part of the game is that you can watch replays & even play with cheat code. In the cheat version all cars will come unlocked. This game will definitely remind you about old NFS games.

Click here to play Super Drift 3d.

Parent Website:

Super Drift 3D

Super Drift 3D


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