Play Game: Bombardment

“Bombardment” belongs to shooting genre. It reminds of old TV game called “Galaxy” which I used to play around 15 years back. The game is very intersting & at the same time easy to play as you only have to shoot & make sure that your fleet is secure. The game download speed is OK, however it may take some time in slow connection. Also, the page is free of any associated pop ups or viruses.
In “Bombardment” the player have to control a ground cannon and  defend the fleet from being bombarded. The player need to aim correctly at the incoming enemy aircraft.  As the game level increases enemy will keep on sending more & more waves of air strikes. Just remember to shoot first the aircraft in lowest level as it will be very difficult to intercept their bomb packages.

The game play is very easy. All you have to do is to use the mouse cursor to operate the ground canon and then press on the left mouse button to fire a shot.

Click here to play Bombardment.




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