Game Review: 9 ball

9 ball is a pool game that is hosted in the site This site contains a lot of other free online pool games that are quite interesting. I found the 9 ball more appealing as its quite easy to play,game rules are easy & its very competitive. The web page hosting this game does not have any pop ups or nasty advertisements or in other words its quite clean. Moreover the game has option for multiplayer. In the single player version, the player’s opponent will be the computer. The game download is very quick but you need to make sure that your browser & computer is pretty fast as a delay in either will make it very difficult to aim & strike the ball. Its very easy to find the instructions & rules from the game page. Also there is an option to enlarge the screen.

Now let us discuss a little bit of the rules & controls. Though you can find it from the game page, here I will try to provide a brief description. The table will consist of 9 balls  numbering 1 to 9. You have to sink all the nine balls using the cue ball but keep in mind that you can strike only the lowest number ball. In case you strike any other ball or sink the cue ball, the opponent will get a chance to place the cue ball anywhere on table. The player will win the game if he sinks all the nine balls without breaking any rules. For striking the cue ball you just need to click on it and the cue stick will appear. You have to move the cursor around the cue ball to rotate the cue stick. Once you get the desired angle,you have to click(anywhere except the cue ball) & drag the cue stick for power. The game is quite decent and can be a good source of entertainment for pool buffs.

Click here to play 9 Ball.

Parent Website:-


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