Game Review: Burnin’ Rubber 4-Game of the Year Edition

Burnin’ Rubber 4 is an excellent 3D game.As the name suggest its been voted game of the year & believe me its one of the best online game that is available over internet. Not only the graphics, the soundtrack, game play, surroundings, landscape, modelling, animation, everything is perfect. You will feel as if you are playing a PC game like NFS carbon or most wanted. This is a dream come true for all the hard core online gamers.

To play this game you will need to install Adobe shockwave plug-in. At the beginning of the game you have to wait for 30 seconds (advertisement).The game loading is very long, as expected, but definitely worth waiting for!! If you have a very slow connection (eg. Dial up line) then this will not be the best choice for you. Minimum system requirements are-

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Macintosh OS X

2.0 GHz processor


128 MB video RAM

Shockwave Player 11.5

 Now lets talk a little about the game play. Apart from cars, you will also get chance to jet your speedboat through the waterways & take to the skies in helicopter. There are lots of shops to buy new cars and to enhance the performance of your car (increase ammo/performance). You will get chance to unlock and customize 15 new rides, 15 blasty weapons, including lasers and a flamethrower. Game controls are very easy & the instruction manual is available just over the game screen.

Final Verdict- If you are an ardent gamer with taste for graphics, you should not miss this game!

Click here to play Burnin’ Rubber 4.


Game Review: Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy is an online cooking game that is predominantly designed for girls/women.

Cooking Academy will help you in learning the delicate art of cooking (at least some of the dishes) in a fun & entertaining way. Through this game, you can learn to prepare more than 50 delicious recipes including eggrolls, pancakes and more! You can first cook & practice and once you are confident enough put your skills to the test in an exam where you have to complete the task within the prescribed time limit. Not only these, while cooking you will also get to learn interesting facts about dishes, like the country of origin, actual meaning of the dishes, etc.

Cooking academy is a flash based game with background music. Game will load very fast. You can also download the complete game from the link provided in the game screen. I was not able to find any hidden viruses or adware in the game page but beware the game page is somewhat cluttered. Altogether, the game is ok & its specifically for gamers who like to cook.

Click here to play Cooking Academy.

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Game Review: Redline Rumble 3

Redline Rumble 3 belongs to 3d online racing/chase game genre. As usual for 3d games, game download will take quite some time. Also, Adobe Shockwave player is necessary to play this game & it will take around 5 mins in slow to moderate internet connection. Graphics quality is ok as compared to most other online games. But on the positive side, the game play is quite interesting & features 5 different ride to choose from- Super Bike/Mini Van/repair truck/police helicopter/cop car.

Game storyline involve five5 different levels each with a different ride.

In level 1, you will be a criminal courier & have to ride a bike. You have to grab the mafia merchandise by touching the cases hanging from Mafia car window. For each pickup you will gain points. Moreover you can earn extra Nitro & time. You can also fix your bike by riding up to a repair truck. Jumping over the divider is my favorite part, but its also somewhat difficult.

In level 2, you have to drive the minivan & collect the dropped gold bars. You can drive in two wheels to earn extra stunt bonus.

Level 3- Here you can pilot a helicopter, but remember to keep low otherwise you can crash to high structures. You have to touchdown on mafia cars to steal their loot as trial evidence.

In level 4, you can drive a cop car & have to chase the mafia car. Objective is to ram the mafia car & bring it to a halt. Also, remember to drive safely & avoid innocent civilian casualties.

Level 5- Here you get to drive the repair truck. You have to use the hydraulic lift of the truck to smash the chasing cop cars while letting your buddies go. Favorite part- you can scoop the cop cars towards the police helicopter to bring it down.

Click here to play Redline Rumble 3.

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Game Review: Rumble Town Racing 2

Rumble Town Racing 2 is an excellent online 3D Car racing game. It reminds me of Need for Speed Underground 2 with lots of neon blazing cars, swanky street lighting and charismatic city landscape. The game graphics is very good compared to other 3d games available online. Game sound is awesome as there is both game music & engine sound. You can turn off the game music for only the engine sound. But the downside of this game is that you have to install shockwave player in case your browser do not already have one. After that there will be a in game advertisement for about 30 seconds. And the game loading itself will take quite some time in slow connection.

Now lets talk a little about the game play. Rumble Town Racing 2 is modeled more or less after NFS underground 2 as it looks, feel & play the same. You have lots of cars to choose from. However, you will need money to unlock new cars. You need to win races to earn money & with this money you can buy new car or modify existing ones. There are many shops within the game such as paint shop (for body paint/plating/stickers), tuning ( for spoiler/bumpers/scoop),performance(dampers/tires/turbo engine nitro) & accessories(flames/neon/colored rims). The only difference that I can make out as compared to NFS UG2 is that this game features cop chase. And this adds a very interesting aspect to the game. Be ready for a lot of cop car & helicopter chases! Last but not the least, you can sign in (even using face book account) to see your high scores, your friends’ scores, your token earnings and to challenge a friend.

Click here to play Rumble Town Racing 2.

Parent website-

Rumble Town Racing 2

Rumble Town Racing 2

Game Review: Super Drift 3D

Super Drift 3d as the name suggest is a 3d car racing game. This game reminds me of NFS 2 Special edition. The game graphics & surroundings are almost similar to NFS2SE. Car controls are quite difficult and the game is not only about race but also about drift.

Game download will take quite some time in slow connection but I guess its because of the large file size of 3d games. You can play in 3 different levels-1)beginner (2)Intermediate & (3)Expert. The most interesting part of the game is that you can watch replays & even play with cheat code. In the cheat version all cars will come unlocked. This game will definitely remind you about old NFS games.

Click here to play Super Drift 3d.

Parent Website:

Super Drift 3D

Super Drift 3D

Game Review: Wheelers

Wheelers is a online 2D bike racing game. You have to drive the bike on race track & finish first in each track to advance to the next level.Wheelers is quite easy to play but you have to remember two things- 1)Be cautious while navigating the turns as there are chances that you will get outside the track & you will lose your speed(2)This one is easy-just remember to refuel.

The game will take some to download in slow connections. Instruction is very precise & is available in the main menu. There is even an option to download this game in case you don’t want to play online. No pop ups or drop down advertisements in the game page. Game graphics is very basic & it will appear as old TV games. To summarize, this game is quite interesting & will definitely help you pass some time.

Click here to play Wheelers.

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Play Game: Bombardment

“Bombardment” belongs to shooting genre. It reminds of old TV game called “Galaxy” which I used to play around 15 years back. The game is very intersting & at the same time easy to play as you only have to shoot & make sure that your fleet is secure. The game download speed is OK, however it may take some time in slow connection. Also, the page is free of any associated pop ups or viruses.
In “Bombardment” the player have to control a ground cannon and  defend the fleet from being bombarded. The player need to aim correctly at the incoming enemy aircraft.  As the game level increases enemy will keep on sending more & more waves of air strikes. Just remember to shoot first the aircraft in lowest level as it will be very difficult to intercept their bomb packages.

The game play is very easy. All you have to do is to use the mouse cursor to operate the ground canon and then press on the left mouse button to fire a shot.

Click here to play Bombardment.