Welcome to Online Net Games

Hello All,

Online games provide a very funny & entertaining way of passing the time be it in your office,home,airport or a boring friend’s party. If you just search for the terms “Online games” in google you will get at least a thousand sites that are offering different kind of online games. A few of them are genuinely very good however, some of these sites are filled with viruses, trojans, etc.  I know a lot of people who like me pass the time in offices playing online games when off course there is nothing much to do.  But if you are not sure about the website or if its not a trusted one, you may become a victim of internet infection(read viruses,etc).

Having said that, I want to let you know that I myself have been targeted once by these sites & it became a very serious issue,since I was working from an office machine :). The same day I decided, that I will open a blog & will start putting review of the games that are available online so as to make sure that whatever happened to me will never happen to anyone else again. I will try to review games from different genres be it car games, casino games(my favorite) or Girl games(cooking games 🙂 ), etc.  You can also help me with this cause by putting up your valuable suggestions in the comment section.

Looking forward to work…sorry play with all you guys. Best of luck. Over & out.